Mini Dips Have Arrived

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the Korova edibles lineup: Mini Dips! Three new flavors have landed including Chocolate Chip Dip, Mint Dip and Peanut Butter Dip. Enjoy 100mg THC in a single mini cookie half dipped in luscious chocolate.

Get ready to get lit. We’re here to reclaim the Unrivaled Potency title. Formerly found in full size cookies, these three new edibles are now in mini cookie form bridging our past to our present. Gram for gram, these new Mini Dips edibles are nearly as potent as the infamous 1,000MG THC Black Bar.

10 Mini Dips = 1,000MG THC / 120 grams in net weight
1 Black Bar = 1,000MG THC / 95 grams in net weight

Our fan’s best memories of Korova are with high potency edibles. Every time we’re in the streets we always link up with fans who see the Korova cow and their eyes light up with excitement. An unforgettable story instantly pops into mind and they start to reminisce about how they tripped out on a Black Bar or found solace in the Mint Dip for medicinal purposes.

After legalization hit in 2018, legislation capped the maximum to 100mg THC per package. Two years later and the demand for high dose edibles is still at an all time high. With no top contenders in our line of sight, we decided to launch the Mini Dips. We’re excited to finally be able to talk to our customers again who always looked to us for unrivaled potency.

Mini Dips are homage to our past and a step into the future, merging the flavors from throwback recipes and adapting them to a smaller mini cookie size to maintain that similar legendary potency. Whether you want to dose out our cookie using our cutting chart on the back of the package or take it straight to the face, the new Mini Dips are now available for the taking! Always remember: You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.


Mercy Wellness, Cotati
Have A Heart, Downtown Oakland
Patient Care First, Modesto
Phenos, Modesto
Kolas – Alternative Medical Center, Sacramento
Kolas – CC101, Sacramento
Kolas – Cloud 9, Sacramento
Kolas – Doctors Orders, Sacramento
Kolas – House of Organics, Sacramento
Kolas – Twelve Hour Care, Sacramento
Barbary Coast Sunset, San Francisco
The Guild, San Jose
Haze Dispensary, San Jose
Port City Alternative, Stockton
Strains, Stockton
US Bloom, Vallejo


Jet Room, Adelanto
The Medicine Woman Group, Bellflower
Santa Barbara Care Center, Goleta
Leaf Dispensary, Lompoc
C.A.R.E. Collective, Long Beach
Skunkmasters, Port Hueneme
Mission Hills Patients Collective, Reseda
Super Clinik, Santa Ana
The Spot, Santa Ana
West Clinik, Santa Ana
Coastal Dispensary, Santa Barbara
Calac Wellness, Santa Mario
Stash Studio City, Studio City
Exhalence, Sun Valley

More locations coming soon! Check our the Korova Weedmaps page for updates.